For all questions, complaints, threats, and suggestions, contact :-). Do not write to as this is strictly an outbound address.

The supplier sent me the wrong paper!

Suppliers are human and this can happen. If it happens to you, simply file a new request.

I supplied the paper but the request is still being displayed.

This means that the e-mail was not sent properly. At the moment, e-mail attachments are limited to 10MB in size and must be .pdf/.zip files, which should be sufficient for the vast majority of cases. If the file you are supplying does not meet these criteria, contact me and we can figure something out.

What credentials do I need to be a supplier?

Being a supplier doesn't require many credentials - you just need a desire to help promote access to academic literature for those who do not always have it. As an administrator, I just need to know that you're not someone who's going to use the site in any sort of malicious manner.

Won't something like this make publishing houses a bit... angry?

Very possibly, but this is a risk that I am willing to take. In principle, this is no different than one person sending another a .pdf of a paper by e-mail. This site simply serves as a tool to connect the sender and the receiver, while also acting as the e-mail client.

I like the idea behind the project but am worried about becoming a supplier. How anonymous is "anonymous"?

Very, very anonymous. The only thing about the suppliers that is stored on the server are their e-mail addresses and passwords, which are the bare essentials needed for login and communication purposes. The suppliers themselves have no way of knowing who the other suppliers are, and no records of what supplier supplies what paper are kept. Not even I could tell you who supplied what and if they even supplied. As such, there is nothing in the innate code of the site that makes it possible to track supplier activity. That being said, do keep in mind that certain journal sites may stamp your IP address and/or university on the downloaded article.

Why do you need my name and institution when registering?

This is only to let me know who you are when you sign up to be a supplier. This information is deleted immediately once your application is approved.