The goal of this website is to provide a convenient means for people with access to academic journals to supply papers to those people who cannot afford to pay for such access. It is largely meant to mimic and optimize the standard person-to-person e-mail scheme where the person without access writes to the person with access with a request to obtain a certain paper. In a nutshell, this is how it works:

  1. The person without access posts a request for the paper, together with a link to its download page.
  2. A supplier with access clicks the link, downloads the paper, and then e-mails it to the requester via this site.

This is not a professional service and all of the suppliers are anonymous, bona fide volunteers. While this project identifies itself as part of the Open Access movement, the basic mantra that it bases itself upon is "why bother engaging the publishing houses in the long and difficult battle for open access when we already have each other and the internet?"

As of the most recent count, we have a total of 54 suppliers and have fulfilled a total of 730 requests, with each request taking about 33 hours on average. More specifically: