Welcome to the Paj-Puj Palace!

!پاژ ـ پۇژخانا سىزنى قارشى ئالىدۇ

Welcome to the Paj-Puj Palace, a website dedicated to Uyghur grammar and all of its intricacies. The goal is to provide you with a rigorous supplement to any other Uyghur language materials you might have, in a manner that is accessible to, and easily understood by, English speakers without any linguistic background. Please use the "Table of Contents" column on the left to navigate.

This site is a work in progress on many levels, and neither the technical layout nor the content that you will find here now is in any way finalized. Some of it may still require additional verification from native speakers/linguists and/or may not be entirely correct. Nothing on this page is currently intended to represent the Uyghur language in any sort of authoritative manner, and so please use this site at your own risk.

You should, however, feel free to use the references cited on the different pages, as these all correspond to published and - at least, in theory - authoritative works on the language.

Currently, I am in the process of transferring 1000+ pages of notes from a Word document to this site, which is proving to be a slow process and will probably take a while. Until then, things will be incomplete, messy, and not very interesting, although they'll probably continue to be like that for a while afterwards as well. Up until now, I've only transferred about 100 pages of material.


This work is not funded by anyone other than myself, and so my progress may not be very fast since I am having to do part-time translation as a means to support myself financially while working part-time (3-4 hours/day) on this project. If you like this project and would like for me to advance faster, you are more than welcome to throw money or donations at me. Roughly speaking, I can spend an extra hour on this for every $4 that I get. If you would like to know how I spent the time you donated me the money for, just send me an e-mail at gene.a.bunin@ccapprox.info and I will keep you in the loop!


--- Past Donations ---

KT donated $5 on May 16, 2018 → first draft of module on The Verb-to-Noun Derivation Suffix غا|گە|قا|كە complete

EY donated $50 on May 10, 2018 → first drafts of the modules The Noun-to-Noun Derivation Suffix نامە, The Verb-to-Noun Derivation Suffix غاق|گەك|قاق|كەك, The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix غاق|گەك|قاق|كەك, The Verb-to-Noun Derivation Suffix غۇچ|گۈچ|قۇچ|كۈچ, The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix غۇچ|گۈچ|قۇچ|كۈچ, and The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix غۇر|گۈر|قۇر|كۈر complete

TML donated $50 on May 2, 2018 → first drafts of the modules The Pronoun-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix سىز, The Noun-to-Adverb Derivation Suffix سىز, The Adposition-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix سىز, The Verb-to-Noun Derivation Suffix چاق|چەك|چۇق|چۈك, The Noun-to-Noun Derivation Suffix چاق|چەك|چۇق|چۈك, and The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix چاق|چەك|چۇق complete

TM donated $10 on Apr. 24, 2018 → first drafts of the modules The Adjective-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix سىز and The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix سىز complete

OD donated $20 on Apr. 20, 2018 → first draft of the module The Noun-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix سىز complete

OD donated $4 on Jan. 7, 2018 → first drafts of the modules "Breaking" Letters and Breaking Consonants complete (in the section dealing with letter connection rules)

AH donated $4.44 on Nov. 13, 2017 → first draft of module on The Adjective-to-Verb Derivation Suffix ار|ەر|ر complete