Paj-Puj: Reading Telephone Numbers

Reading Telephone Numbers

تېلېفون نومۇرى ئوقۇپ بېرىش

Telephone numbers are often read out in groups of tens or hundreds in Uyghur, although no strict rules exist and one is free to read however one pleases. In the case that there is a leading zero, one can read the 0 separately and then read the remaining number that follows. Due to the influence of Mandarin, it has also become common to read out the numbers one by one in (possibly tone-less) spoken Mandarin.

يۈز ئوتتۇز ئىككى، نۆل بىر، ئوتتۇز ئىككى، يىگىرمە تۆت، نۆل بەش
ياۋ سان ئار لىڭ ياۋ سان ئار ئار سۆ لىڭ ۋۇ

In the case when a number appears consecutively more than three times, it is common to focus on the repetition in a manner analogous to, for example, "three zeros" or "four fives". In Uyghur, the measure word دانە is used in this case - i.e., "three zeros" is ئۈچ دانە نۆل and "four fives" is تۆت دانە بەش.

يۈز ئوتتۇز ئىككى، تۆت دانە توققۇز، ئەللىك ئالتە، قىرىق ئۈچ


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