Paj-Puj: Ordinal Numbers to Express Position

Ordinal Numbers to Express Position

ئورۇن بىلدۈرىدىغان تەرتىپ سان

Ordinal numbers may be used to express either the physical or abstract position of something. In the former case, this is tantamount to such English expressions as "the second from the left" or "the third from the bottom". The ablative suffixes دىن|تىن are generally used to express the "from".

The second person from the right in this picture is my father.
.بۇ رەسىمدىكى ئوڭدىن ئىككىنچى بولغان كىشى مېنىڭ ئاتام بولىدۇ

When combined with the derivational suffix لىك, the ordinal numbers turn into nouns that express rank in a contest, analogously to the English "first place", "second place", etc.

I believe that you'll definitely be able to get first place.
.مەن ئىشىنىمەنكى، سىز چوقۇم بىرىنچىلىككە ئېرىشەلەيسىز


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