Paj-Puj: <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >بىر</span> to Express a Shared Quality

بىر to Express a Shared Quality

«ئورتاق ئالاھىدىلىك بىلدۈرىدىغان «بىر

When preceding nouns (often those denoting a kind of place), بىر becomes analogous to the English "the same", and indicates that the noun in question is shared by the subject of the sentence.

The five of us work in the same office.
.بەشىمىز بىر ئىشخانىدا ئىشلەيمىز

They used to be in the same class.
.ئۇلار بىر سىنىپتا ئوقۇيتتى

I guess we've arrived at the same time.
.بىز بىر ۋاقىتتا كېلىپتىمىز


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