Paj-Puj: Expressing Percentages in Uyghur

Expressing Percentages in Uyghur

ئۇيغۇرچە پىرسەنت بىلدۈرۈش

Expressing percentages in Uyghur is very simple and is just about identical to what is seen in English - one just has to state the percentage number followed by the word پىرسەنت ("percent").

ئوتتۇز پىرسەنت

ئەللىك ئالتە پۈتۈن ئوندىن بىر پىرسەنت

When expressing a certain percentage of something in particular, the genitive suffix نىڭ is attached to the object, while the word پىرسەنت takes the appropriate possessive suffix.

45.3% of the workers are women.
.خىزمەتچىلەرنىڭ 45.3 پىرسەنتى ئايال


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