Paj-Puj: Plural Suffixes to Express Approximates Ages and Times

Plural Suffixes to Express Approximates Ages and Times

تەخمىنىي ياش ۋە ۋاقىت بىلدۈرىدىغان كۆپلۈك قوشۇمچىسى

One may express approximate ages or approximate times (hours of the day) in Uyghur by attaching the plural suffix لار|لەر to the number approximated.

Emet's about fifty now.
.ئەمەت ھازىر ئەللىكلەردە
.ئەمەت ھازىر ئەللىك ياشلاردا

Let's go at around five.
.بەشلەردە ماڭايلى

It's about seven thirty.
.سائەت يەتتە يېرىملار بولدى

I go to bed at around ten at night.
.كەچ سائەت ئونلاردا ياتىمەن

See also: 30.6.1, 30.6.2


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