Paj-Puj: The Particle <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >جۇمۇ</span> as a Reminder

The Particle جۇمۇ as a Reminder

ئەسلىتىش رولىدىكى «جۇمۇ» يۈكلىمىسى

The particle جۇمۇ may be tacked onto the end of a phrase to demand that the second party understand the said matter, analogous to the English "..., you know?" or "..., you understand?"

You know, that bike is very old.
.ئۇ ۋېلىسىپىت بەك كونا جۇمۇ

Hey, I like Italian movies very much.
.مەن ئىتالىيەنىڭ كىنوسىنى بەك ياخشى كۆرىمەن جۇمۇ

Try to understand - I really miss my parents.
.مەن ئاتا ـ ئانامنى سېغىنىپ كەتتىم جۇمۇ


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