Paj-Puj: Position of the Particle <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >لا</span>

Position of the Particle لا

لا» يۈكلىمىسىنىڭ جۈملىدىكى ئورنى»

In very many cases, لا is placed after the element to which the meaning of precision or limitation applies. As such, some care should be taken as placing it on a neighboring element can change the meaning or intonation of the sentence. Consider the following three sentences, where the position of لا changes the degree of urgency.

There's a day left.
.بىر كۈن قالدى

There's just one day left.
.بىرلا كۈن قالدى

There's only a day left.
.بىر كۈنلا قالدى

While the position of لا brings about a largely stylistic change in the examples above (by changing the stress from the number of days left to the fact that the time left is only a day), in other cases changing its position can have a significant impact on the meaning. Consider the following example:

I bought only one sheep at the market.
.بازاردىن بىرلا قوي ئالدىم

I only bought a sheep while at the market.
.بازاردىن بىر قويلا ئالدىم


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