Paj-Puj: The Particle <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >لا</span> in Comparisons

The Particle لا in Comparisons

سېلىشتۇرۇشتىكى «لا» يۈكلىمىسى

The particle لا may be attached to the comparative and equative case suffixes دەك|تەك and چىلىك to emphasize the equivalence or similarity between two objects in question, respectively.

I too can run just as fast as Adil.
.مەنمۇ ئادىلدەكلا يۈگۈرىمەن

This car can drive just as well as that one there.
.بۇ ماشىنا ئاۋۇ ماشىنىدەكلا ماڭالايدۇ


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