Paj-Puj: The Particle <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >غۇ|قۇ</span> for Emphasis

The Particle غۇ|قۇ for Emphasis

تەكىتلەش رولىدىكى «غۇ|قۇ» يۈكلىمىسى

The particle غۇ|قۇ may be attached to different elements of a sentence to emphasize that the stated action or state almost certainly applies to the emphasized element. This is often analogous to the English "of all..." expressions - e.g., "of all people" or "of all things". In other cases, this is more analogous to "as far as... is concerned / goes", and serves to emphasize the element to which the غۇ|قۇ is attached.

They, of all people, must know.
.ئۇلارغۇ چوقۇم بىلىدۇ

My friend, of all people, has certainly heard of this.
.دوستۇمغۇ بۇ ئىشتىن خەۋەر تاپتى

As far as passing the exam goes, it's quite clear that Tursun will pass.
.تۇرسۇننىڭ ئىمتىھاندىن ئۆتۈشىغۇ بەك ئېنىق

Hey, I'm a village boy, and no stranger to farm animals.
.مەنغۇ يېزىدىن كەلگەن بالا، ئات ـ ئۇلاغ ماڭا يات ئەمەس


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