Paj-Puj: The Particle <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >ھە|ئە</span> to Express Amazement

The Particle ھە|ئە to Express Amazement

ھەيرانلىق بىلدۈرىدىغان «ھە|ئە» يۈكلىمىسى

The particle ھە, preceded by a hyphen, may be attached to exclamatory phrases to emphasize the speaker's amazement at a certain event or fact. This is very often used together with the intensifier نېمىدېگەن (analogous to the exclamatory "how" or "what" in English), with the event/fact sandwiched between the two. Although ھە is optional in this structure, its use results in a stronger sense of surprise/amazement than with just نېمىدېگەن alone [1].

What a tall guy!
!ئۇ يىگىت نېمىدېگەن ئېگىز ـ ھە

How pretty!
!نېمىدېگەن گۈزەل ـ ھە

My mother hit me after exclaiming how lazy I was.
.ئانام مېنى نېمىدېگەن ھۇرۇن ـ ھە دەپ ئۇردى

When not used with نېمىدېگەن, this particle still carries a similar meaning and acts as a general strengthener that allows the speaker to express a higher degree of feeling/emotion.

Wow, that girl's gorgeous!
!ئاۋۇ قىز ناھايىتى چىرايلىق ـ ھە

My is it cloudy today!
!بۈگۈنكى ھاۋا بەك بۇلۇتلۇق ـ ھە


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