Paj-Puj: Dropping the Plural Suffix: Abstract Quantities

Dropping the Plural Suffix: Abstract Quantities

كۆپلۈك قوشۇمچىسىنىڭ چۈشۈپ قالغىنى: سان - مىقدار ئابستراكت ئەھۋالدا

When the noun is preceded by an abstract quantity (e.g., "many girls", "a few apples"), the plural suffix may be used, but is not required. When it is used, it tends to emphasize that there are different kinds of the noun present. This is pertinent to such Uyghur quantifiers as جىق، كۆپ، نۇرغۇن، نۇرغۇنلىغان، ئاز.

a lot of apples
نۇرغۇن ئالما

a lot of different apples
نۇرغۇن ئالمىلار


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