Paj-Puj: The Postposition <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >ئەتراپىدا</span>

The Postposition ئەتراپىدا

ئەتراپىدا» تىركەلمىسى»

The word ئەتراپىدا, literally meaning "in its surroundings", is often used in its standard role to express precisely this - for example, جوزىنىڭ ئەتراپىدا means "around the table". However, when placed after cardinal numbers or cardinal numbers and their corresponding measure words, ئەتراپىدا acts as a postposition and denotes an approximate quantity, being used in a manner analogous to the English "around".

Let's arrive at around nine.
.سائەت توققۇز ئەتراپىدا بارايلى

See also: 29.7.5


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