Overview of Uyghur Vocabulary Building

ئۇيغۇر تىلىدىكى سۆزلۈك ياساش ھەققىدە قىسقىچە تونۇشتۇرۇش

Just like in English, a large number of Uyghur words are formed from simpler words with the help of (a few) prefixes and (a large number of) suffixes. While mastering these is often a job left for researchers and linguists, it is nevertheless very helpful to be familiar with them, as such familiarity not only makes learning new words easier, but also allows one to guess new words on the spot even without having encountered them before (e.g., the way that one could guess the meanings of "ineffective"/"inattentive" by knowing the words "effective"/"attentive" and being familiar with the prefix "in-").