Paj-Puj: The Noun-to-Verb Derivation Suffix <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >غار|قار</span>

The Noun-to-Verb Derivation Suffix غار|قار

ئىسىمدىن پېئىل ياسايدىغان «غار|قار» ئارقا قوشۇمچىسى

The suffix غار|قار is not very productive, but is added to certain nouns to make verbs related to that noun. The غۇر|قۇر alternative seems to have emerged in more recent years, as well.

water (noun) + [verb] = to water, to irrigate
سۇ + غار = سۇغار ـ

(a) head + [verb] = to manage (to be the head of)
باش + قۇر = باشقۇر ـ

awareness + [verb] = to understand, to grasp
ئاڭ + قار = ئاڭقار ـ

See also: 4.12.3


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