Paj-Puj: The Adjective-to-Verb Derivation Suffix <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >اي|ەي|ي</span>

The Adjective-to-Verb Derivation Suffix اي|ەي|ي

سۈپەتتىن پېئىل ياسايدىغان «اي|ەي|ي» ئارقا قوشۇمچىسى

As a derivational suffix, اي|ەي|ي is mostly added to adjectives (it can also be added to a much smaller number of nouns) to create verbs related to that adjective. The variant اي|ەي is added to those adjectives that end in consonants, while the ي variant is added to those that end in vowels.

many + [verb] = to increase, to reproduce
كۆپ + ەي = كۆپەي ـ

big + [verb] = to get bigger
چوڭ + اي = چوڭاي ـ

black, dark + [verb] = to turn black, to turn dark
قارا + ي = قاراي ـ

large, strong + [verb] = to get larger, to get stronger
زور + اي = زوراي ـ

Three times four yields twelve.
.ئۈچكە تۆتنى كۆپەيتسە ئون ئىككى بولىدۇ
.ئۈچكە تۆتنى كۆپەيتسە ئون ئىككى
.ئۈچنى تۆتكە كۆپەيتسە ئون ئىككى بولىدۇ

For monosyllabic adjectives that end in a short-vowel ئە plus consonant, the addition of the ەي raises the penultimate ئە to an ئې.

wide + [verb] = to widen
كەڭ + ەي = كېڭەي ـ

few, insufficient + [verb] = to lessen, to decrease
كەم + ەي = كېمەي ـ

If you only associate with your own kind, your mind will never expand.
.ئەگەر پەقەت ئۆز خىلىڭىز بىلەن ئارىلاشسىڭىز، خىيالىڭىز ھەرگىز كېڭەيمەيدۇ

Those adjectives where the penultimate vowel is an ئا or a long ئە, no vowel changes occur with the addition of اي|ەي.

few + [verb] = to lessen, to decrease
ئاز + اي = ئازاي ـ

healthy + [verb] = to get better, to recover
ساق + اي = ساقاي ـ

low + [verb] = to lessen, to drop
پەس + ەي = پەسەي ـ

She got better very quickly.
.ئۇ تېزلا ساقىيىپ كەتتى

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