The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix غۇچ|گۈچ|قۇچ|كۈچ

پېئىلدىن سۈپەت ياسايدىغان «غۇچ|گۈچ|قۇچ|كۈچ» ئارقا قوشۇمچىسى

In very rare cases, the suffix غۇچ|گۈچ|قۇچ|كۈچ may be added to certain verbal stems to make adjectives that carry the rough meaning of "doing [that verb]".

to begin + [adjective] = primary, beginning
باشلان ـ + غۇچ = باشلانغۇچ

to resolve + [adjective] = decisive
ھەل قىل ـ + غۇچ = ھەل قىلغۇچ

to activate, to put in motion + [adjective] = driving, activating
ھەرىكەتلەندۈر ـ + گۈچ = ھەرىكەتلەندۈرگۈچ

to bleach + [adjective] = bleaching
ئاقارت ـ + قۇچ = ئاقارتقۇچ

See also: 4.5.5


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