The Verb-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix غۇر|گۈر|قۇر|كۈر

پېئىلدىن سۈپەت ياسايدىغان «غۇر|گۈر|قۇر|كۈر» ئارقا قوشۇمچىسى

The suffix غۇر|گۈر|قۇر|كۈر may be added to a fairly limited quantity of verbal stems to form two types of adjectives. The first type is simply an adjective that bears a certain relation to the verb (typically with the meaning of "characterized by [that verb]").

to pass through + [adjective] = sharp, incisive
ئۆت ـ + كۈر = ئۆتكۈر

to sense + [adjective] = sensitive
سەز ـ + گۈر = سەزگۈر

to become quiet + [adjective] = quiet, reserved
جىمى ـ + غۇر = جىمىغۇر

to find + [adjective] = quick, resourceful
تاپ ـ + قۇر = تاپقۇر

The alternate set of adjectives are essentially curse words or negative judgments. These can be formed from both positive and negative verbal stems.

to be (acceptable) + [negative] + [insult] = ridiculous, shameful
بول ـ + ما + غۇر = بولمىغۇر

to die + [insult] = damned, cursed ("worthy of death")
ئۆل ـ + گۈر = ئۆلگۈر

to die + [negative] + [insult] = resilient, just refusing to die
ئۆل ـ + مە + گۈر = ئۆلمىگۈر

(of the earth) to swallow up + [insult] = scumlike, damned ("worthy of being swallowed up by the earth")
يەر يۇت ـ + قۇر = يەر يۇتقۇر


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