Paj-Puj: The Noun-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >چە</span>

The Noun-to-Adjective Derivation Suffix چە

ئىسىمدىن سۈپەت ياسايدىغان «چە» ئارقا قوشۇمچىسى

The suffix چە may be added to an ethnicity to create an adjective denoting "in the style of".

Uyghur + [style] = in the Uyghur style
ئۇيغۇر + چە = ئۇيغۇرچە

Han + [style] = in the Han style
خەنزۇ + چە = خەنزۇچە

I prefer Uyghur food.
.ئۇيغۇرچە تاماقنى بەكرەك ياقتۇرىمەن

The standard vowel-reduction rules apply when adding this suffix - i.e., if the ethnicity ends in an ئا or ئە vowel, this reduces to an ئى (provided that it is not a long vowel). For this reason, there is no reduction in the word خەنزۇچە.

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