Paj-Puj: Usage of <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >نى</span>: With the Purpose of an Action

Usage of نى: With the Purpose of an Action

نى» قوشۇمچىسىنىڭ ئىشلىتىش ئۇسۇلى: ھەرىكەتنىڭ مەقسىتى بىلەن»

When the verb acting on the direct object is دېمەك ("to say"), one may create a special structure of the form subject-object-دەپ-verb that is analogous to the English "someone did something for someone". In this case, the نى is required on the direct object (for which the action was done).

You're the reason I came.
.مەن سىزنى دەپ كەلدىم


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