Paj-Puj: Usage of <span style="font-family:sans-serif;" >نى</span>: With Adjectives

Usage of نى: With Adjectives

نى» قوشۇمچىسىنىڭ ئىشلىتىش ئۇسۇلى: سۈپەت بىلەن»

Adjectives that act as nouns ("nominalized adjectives") will generally require the accusative suffix نى when used as direct objects. In English, examples of such usage include "wash the dirty ones" or "eat the red one" - note that making an adjective into a noun this way generally makes it particular and thus definite. In Uyghur, the same occurs, with nominalized adjectives (formed either by the addition of the plural suffix or by the context) generally being definite by definition.

She visits those who have fallen ill.
.ئۇ ئاغرىپ قالغانلارنى يوقلايدۇ
.ئۇ ئاغرىپ قالغان ئادەملەرنى يوقلايدۇ


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