Paj-Puj: Dropping the Possessive Suffix in Certain Compound Nouns

Dropping the Possessive Suffix in Certain Compound Nouns

بەزى بىرىككەن ئىسىمدىكى تەۋەلىك قوشۇمچىسىنىڭ چۈشۈپ قېلىشى

As a rule, one should use the third-person possessive suffix in compound nouns where the first noun "possesses", in a very abstract sense of the word, the second. For example, the compound noun پويىز بېلىتى ("train ticket(s)") would not be grammatically correct without the third-person suffix (as پويىز بېلەت). However, there DO exist some compound nouns where the third-person suffix is optional in spoken Uyghur and may be dropped [2].

arts school
سەنەئەت مەكتىپى
سەنەئەت مەكتەپ

pumpkin manta
كاۋا مانتىسى
كاۋا مانتا


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