"Breaking" Letters

بۇزغۇچى» بولغان ھەرپ»

There are 11 letters in the Uyghur Arabic alphabet that *cannot* connect to the letter following them. Because such letters effectively terminate the connected string inside the word, they are referred to here as "breaking" letters. It is good to familiarize yourself with which 11 letters they are, as they allow you to grasp the string make-up of any word, which in turn influences what forms the different letters should take (each letter taking different forms depending on whether or not it starts a string).

The 11 breaking letters are the following:

As breaking letters indicate where a connected string of letters must end, it is actually easy to link the number of strings in a single word to the number of non-final breaking letters (the final letter is irrelevant as the word ends there). The formula is simply number of strings = number of non-final breaking letters + 1. To appreciate this relation with some simple examples:

Again, breaking up words this way is not at all a necessity for being able to write Uyghur properly, and it's perfectly fine to be ignorant of these "inner workings". However, it may be a helpful thing to keep in mind for some learners since - again - the form of a given letter will depend (in part) on whether the letter starts a string or not.


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