The لا Combination

لا» دېگەن ئۇلىنىش»

A unique connection occurs when the string-starter, not-end-of-word form of ل (لـ) is followed by the not-string-starter, not-syllable-starter form of ئا (ـا), resulting in the combined form لا.

The connection rules of this combination are the same as those for a breaking consonant - i.e., the isolated/independent form لا is used when these two letters start a string (e.g., قالاق، ھالال) and the connecting form ـلا otherwise (e.g., قىلالايمەن، ئاتلار).

Do note that this form is NOT used when the letter ئا happens to start a syllable. This is quite rare, but such words do exist. For example, دىلئارام, which is pronounced as "dil-a-ram" and not "di-la-ram" (and thus not written as دىلارام).


  1. Personal research/experience